Immediate admission

Immediate admission to our youth clinic is your first step to long-term recovery. As soon as you contact us you will be assigned to a casemanager, who will help you with your personal treatment plan, set goals and learn you skills that will help in a future free from addiction, depression or other mental health issues. Tell us your story and we will get your the help you need. Our short waitinglist make it possible to get you and your family the help you need on a very short notice. Sign up today, start within 2 weeks.

What can you expect?

Immediate admission to our clinic

Customized treatments and program

Attention to nutrition, sport and relaxation

Unique family program

What can you expect from an immediate admission?

When your situation requires immediate admission it’s vital to have access to a professional, supportive system at a moment’s notice. At The Grange Youth Clinic, our goal is to provide you with the best possible mental health care as quickly as possible. As soon as you send in your admission one of our colleagues of our team of professionals will contact you to schedule your intake interview, hear your story and come up with a personal treatment plan that meet your and your families needs. We can act fast to get you the help you need when you need it the most.

The Grange Youth Clinic is a place where you can find support from people who have been in your shoes and who are absolute experts in this field. Our clinic is a safe place where you'll find the tools and resources you need to start your path to long term recovery.

When is emergency admission to our youth inpatient program necessary?

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and you feel like there is no more time to waste, an immediate admission may be the right choice for you to start building a vital future as fast as possible. We’ve designed our unique youth inpatient program specially for young people and their families to create a safe place far from home where you can fully focus and work on yourself without distraction, triggers, and other interferences, which can sabotage your process. Surrounded by a personal team of professionals and a small group of other clients you can learn, build, and create the future you deserve.

If you are not sure if immediate admission is right for you, please check out our other services here: treatments.

Who will help you during an immediate admission?

In our clinic in Cape Town we work with a small team of committed, specialized team of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, addiction doctor, nurses, and other therapists. Once you arrive you’ll meet your personal therapist who will monitor your process closely. Your personal treatment plan is our focus to make your rehab process as successful as possible. Scroll further down the page to meet our specialists!

More than just a youth clinic

The Grange Youth Clinic is more than just a rehab or youth clinic facility. We are specialized in treating different kinds of mental health issues and dual diagnosis. Our staff has adjusted its entire treatment vision in order to teach people with an addiction, eating disorder or obsessive behavior to understand how they can change their behavior for the better. In your treatment plan we’ll focus on underlying issues that contribute to your current situation and will hand you resources to learn how to deal with important challenges of the future. Your family will play an important role in your program as well. They will be included during a family week. This gives you the opportunity to regain trust and identify and work on dysfunctional relationships, triggers and dynamics that could trigger relapse as soon as you come home. Families are a vital part of your support system and can help encourage you by being actively involved in your recovery.

Immediate admission as a first step to longterm recovery

If you're having trouble with substances or behaviors, we want to help you get back on track as quickly as possible. We know that in order to achieve longterm recovery from addiction, it's important that you receive 24/7 care from skilled professionals who understand the specific challenges faced by people in recovery.

Once admitted into our program, we will work with you and your family members to create a personalized treatment plan that meets the needs of each individual person.

Young Adult Youth Clinic

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If you would like to register (or register a young adult 18-25 years old) for a treatment at The Grange Youth Clinic, please complete our intake form and we will contact you to schedule a personal intake interview.

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Admission process

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Meet our team

At The Grange Youth Clinic we work with professionals. These are experienced practitioners with a mental health education with years of experience in various fields. Our treatment team includes psychologists, professional therapists, psychiatrists, and system therapists.

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Why it works

At The Grange Youth Clinic, you’ll be guided through a tough experience with empathetic support. You will have access to a comprehensive range of services, including a minimum of 6 weeks of intensive residential treatment, family coaching & counseling for parents/carers and aftercare tailored to your individual needs.

We are here for you

Our treatment has a very “Intensive goal directed specialised approach” which is uniquely tailored to each client, by a highly qualified and experience multi discipline team. We focus on primarily addictive  problems combined with addressing social, emotional behavioural.

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