Cannabis addiction

Cannabis is a psychoactive drug that alters mental processes, producing changes in perception and mood. The cannabis plant, which produces the resin known as hashish or marijuana, has been found to be useful as a therapeutic agent for several medical conditions.

About cannabis addiction

Dry mouth

Red eyes



Does my child have a cannabis addiction?

As a young person it is easy to get addicted to smoking cannabis, which can lead to problematic use or addiction. If you find yourself constantly craving cannabis, using more than planned and not being able to control your consumption, you are likely addicted. This can have profound consequences for your life.

Cannabis is a drug that can be addictive. The risk of becoming dependent on cannabis increases if you start young and smoke it frequently. When you are addicted, smoking marijuana or cannabis becomes more important than school, friends and family. You need help instead of pushing on.

Cannabis contains more than 100 active compounds

Cannabis contains more than 100 active compounds, including THC and CBD. When smoked, or vaped, it acts as a depressant. You are addicted to smoking marijuana when you are physically and / or mentally dependent on it, when your life revolves around it, and when you are unable to stop or cut down.

If you’re addicted to marijuana and cannabis, this puts you in a difficult situation. You want to stop or cut down, but it is very difficult. This can have profound consequences.

Causes of cannabis addiction

Cannabis addiction is common among young people. The reason why this may be an issue is not always obvious, but most often it is because of trauma such as sexual abuse or abuse. Young people take 'self-medication' with marijuana when they suffer from ADHD or ADD. Sometimes, however, a cannabis addiction is simply caused by the fact that a person simply prefers to smoke weed all day instead of going to school or work.

Marijuana addiction can be caused by negative events, such as sexual abuse or abuse, or abusive social events such as bullying or neglect. Cannabis use is in many cases a way to escape reality. In some cases, a person is simply addicted, without an identifiable cause.

A way to escape reality

For some young people, the use of cannabis can be a way to escape reality. It is also common for young people to smoke 'self-medication' when they suffer from conditions like ADHD or ADD or when they are just addicted.

Effects of cannabis

Cannabis has an effect on the body and on the mind. Long-term and regular use has been shown to make people more difficult to concentrate and suspicious. Over time, young people can become less suspicious and have difficulty concentrating. At the same time, cannabis use stimulates imagination and creativity.

The following physical effects can occur:

  • Dry mouth
  • Red eyes
  • Palpitations
  • Dizziness
  • Cravings (so-called 'binge eating').

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