Lying and manipulating

The innocence of a little lie can have huge impact on a young adults life. Lying and manipulating is often being used to cover mental health issues and drives young individuals further apart from loved ones. Working on psychological problems helps them reconnect to their true self, family and friends and future.

Lying and manipulating

Mental health issues

Low self-esteem

Family/social dysfunction

Social development

Lying and manipulating at a young age

Lying and manipulating at a young age can be concerning behaviors that may indicate a lack of empathy or a desire to control others. These behaviors can have negative impacts on the child's relationships, academic or social development, and overall well-being.

Causes of lying and manipulative behaviour with young adults

Some possible causes of lying and manipulating at a young age include:

  • Poor social skills: Young adults who lack social skills or struggle to form positive relationships with peers may turn to lying or manipulation as a way to get their needs met.
  • Low self-esteem: Young adults with low self-esteem may use lying or manipulation to feel more powerful or in control.
  • Family dysfunction: Young adults who grow up in homes with dysfunction, such as substance abuse or domestic violence, may learn to lie or manipulate as a way to cope with the chaos and unpredictability of their environment.
  • Mental health issues: Young adults with certain mental health conditions, such as conduct disorder or oppositional defiant disorder, may engage in lying or manipulation as a symptom of their condition.

Treatment of lying and manipulative behaviour with young adults

It's important to address lying and manipulating behaviors as young as children and young adults are, to prevent them from becoming ingrained habits that carry over into adulthood. Early intervention with a therapist or counselor helps a young adult develop healthy communication and social skills, as well as addressing any underlying mental health issues or family dynamics that may be contributing to the behavior. Parental involvement in the treatment process can also be crucial in supporting the young adults progress and reinforcing positive behaviors.

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Need help for someone you know? The Grange Youth Clinic offers treatment for behavioural problems, such as lying and manipulating. Early intervention is important for the successful treatment and recreate healthy family dynamics. It’s vital for parents and caregivers to seek help if they notice symptoms in their child. Let go of shame, sorrow or guilt, and chose the wisest option for the future of your child and family. Appropriate treatment and support will learn many young adults to manage their behavior and lead healthy, productive lives.

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