Addictions and substance abuse

Drug addiction is a physical and mental dependence on drugs. It's when the world revolves around acquiring and using them, and any attempt to cut down or quit fails. The drug in question can be any mind-altering substance - whether it's cannabis, cocaine, speed (amphetamine), ecstasy, magic mushrooms or ghb.

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Drug addiction and young adults

Everyone knows the expression "It can happen to anyone." Young people, especially, are at risk of drug addiction. This is due to their developing brain, which has not yet matured completely. Many young people have had bad experiences in their lives such as bullying, exclusion or assault. Drugs can help them escape from these problems for a while and can often hinder personal development.

Drug addiction often goes hand in hand with other problems, such as depression or anxiety disorder. We specialize in dealing with these multiple problems.

Common addictions

Many of our employees are experts in addictions by experience, having been actively addicted themselves. That is why they can connect with the fellow in a unique way, offering treatment for many different addictions.

Characteristics and symptoms of drug addiction

It is important to distinguish between drug abuse and addiction. This is a complex issue, because the causes of drug addiction are often related to personality, lifestyle and family factors. Drug use causes reduced judgment, mental confusion and sleeping problems. In addition, many drugs enhance the state of mind. For example, dissatisfaction can turn into depression and fear can turn into panic. Feeling sick, nausea and vomiting are also common.

Addiction is a form of chronic disease that causes intense physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Long-term use can damage the brain and internal organs, as well as a person's financial resources. Agonizing symptoms occur when people try to stop using drugs, including pain, fatigue, insomnia and mental stress.

Treatment of mental health issues

At The Grange Youth Clinic we help young people with addiction to overcome their problems and rebuild their positive feelings. Through our treatment, the wall they have built around them slowly breaks down, and they learn to live and function in society in a pleasant way again. We also help teenagers reduce any medication that they already receive for their depression to zero or as little as possible during the treatment.

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A mental health issue is a serious and common health condition, which can affect anyone at any age. If you would like to register a teenager or young adult (aged 18-25) for a treatment at The Grange Youth Clinic, please complete our intake form and we will contact you to schedule a personal intake interview. Our therapists have experience working with individuals from all walks of life and will help you overcome your problems and find hope for the future.

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If you would like to register (or register a young adult 18-25 years old) for a treatment at The Grange Youth Clinic, please complete our intake form and we will contact you to schedule a personal intake interview.

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At The Grange Youth Clinic, you’ll be guided through a tough experience with empathetic support. You will have access to a comprehensive range of services, including a minimum of 6 weeks of intensive residential treatment, family coaching & counseling for parents/carers and aftercare tailored to your individual needs.

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Our treatment has a very “Intensive goal directed specialised approach” which is uniquely tailored to each client, by a highly qualified and experience multi discipline team. We focus on primarily addictive  problems combined with addressing social, emotional behavioural.

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