Attention deficit disorder is a common behavioral disorder in young adults. The symptoms of attention deficit can vary from person to person, but as a general rule, the following characteristics may indicate that you have ADD or ADHD: Inability to pay attention for long periods of time Withdrawal from others and poor participation in social activities Easily distracted by extraneous stimuli Taking too long to complete tasks and activities Poor organization Skills deficit (shortcoming in oral communication and writing skills)

About ADD




Difficult to motivate

What is ADD?

ADD is a common disorder that can affect people of all ages. Symptoms include an inability to focus, concentrate and think clearly, which can lead to careless mistakes and daydreaming.

The most common signs of ADD are forgetfulness, restlessness and impulsiveness. As well as this, a person with ADD may be difficult to motivate.

Young adults with ADD

Add has an enormous effect on the lives of young adults, who may find it difficult to concentrate on their schoolwork, or to interact with their peers. Young people with ADD may find themselves in a downward spiral if additional problems arise, such as depression or addiction.

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) does not only affect young people with the condition, but their parents and teachers as well. Parents often feel a lot of guilt over the fact that their young adult has ADD, or over how they're coping with it. Their child's behaviour causes arguments at home and they may also have problems outside of the home as well. For example, ADD can have an extremely negative effect on performance at school or at work.

Characteristics and symptoms of ADD

ADD is a disorder that often has a variety of characteristics, ranging from mild to severe. These can vary from person to person. Common features may include:

  • Difficulty in planning and completing tasks
  • Difficult in taking action
  • Withdrawn behaviour
  • Social / communication issues (sometimes)
  • Slow learning pace
  • Overfull head' (constantly stream of thoughts)
  • Losing attention

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